Slasher film serial killers got you down?  Check out this week’s Short List short Les Tutos de la Vie to learn how to survive them!

This week’s Short List PAULIE follows an overachiever who will stop at nothing for the truth when he loses an essay competition.  He just so happens to be a 9-year-old 7th grader.

Sex & Marriage concludes its first season with an explosive conversation in a restaurant!

Christmas time doesn’t exempt Suzie and Johnnie from marital problems in the fifth episode of SEX & MARRIAGE!

In the SHORT LIST short SECONDARY EDUCATION, a high school teacher fights crime and monsters as a superhero - but things heat up when his students get involved!

Mr. Fu and Red return for a scathing commentary on the Twitter reaction to the new Miss America!

If you’ve got a thing for mechanical lifeforms, check out this Short List short I GOT ROBOTS!  It’s, uh, got robots.

Bodily fluids take center stage in this fourth episode of SEX & MARRIAGE!

When Johnnie secretly invites Suzie’s folks to come over, things get a little shaken up for the household in the third episode of SEX & MARRIAGE!

Peep this trailer for our upcoming show RUNNER, a thriller about a man made to play a dangerous game for the life of his wife!