In the second episode of SEX & MARRIAGE, we learn that the therapists need just as much help as their patients - if not more.

"I’m gonna have sex with you so hard you’re gonna die."  If that line’s not getting you to watch the first episode of SEX & MARRIAGE, nothing will!

The YOMYOMF Network’s Director of Development GARY KING faces off against a six pound bowl of ice cream - is he man enough to finish it all?

When is a marriage in therapy hilarious?  When you’re not in it!

Check out the trailer for our new comedy SEX & MARRIAGE, about a couple struggling to improve their relationship with the counseling of people who may need some therapy of their own!

In the final episode of JON DAVIS GETS A SEX ROBOT, Jon and his wife come to a compromise - but it may not be what Jon expects or wants!

Check out the Fifth Episode of JON DAVIS GETS A SEX ROBOT, when Layla discovers the robot’s secret BFF mode!

Watch Episode 4 of JON DAVIS GETS A SEX ROBOT and find out if the glitch in the robot’s system is temporary or a fatal error!

The SEX ROBOT hijinks continue as JON DAVIS takes his new gadget to the club - with electrifying results!

CHRIS JERICHO joins in on the fun on the second episode of JON DAVIS GETS A SEX ROBOT!  Somehow, it’s even more perverted than the last one.

Our adventuring in sex robotics begins with the first episode of JON DAVIS GETS A SEX ROBOT!